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1. Uniform is compulsory for all students on all working days.

2. Uniform must be stitched as per the direction.

3. Personal cleanliness must be given utmost important by all students.

4. Extreme care must be taken to keep school campus clean and tidy.

5. Regular attendance is a must. Prior permission should be taken from the principal for every leave of absent except in the case of emergency. Attendance is compulsory for weekly tests, unit tests, terminal examinations and all school functions.

6. If a student is absent himself/herself from the school for 15 consecutive days without submitting a leave application, his / her name will be removed from the roll.

7. Medical certificate from the registered medical practitioners should be produced for absence more than 5 consecutive working days.

8. All Muslim students must participate in their prayer from the school punctually.

9. Students shall greet the teachers, elders and companions respectfully when they meet them any day for the first time.

10. Absolute silence must be maintained in front of principal’s office and the Administrative office.

11. In the absence of the teacher, the class is expected to remain disciplined and silent under the guidance of the class leader.

12. The students are expected to speak only English in the school campus.

13. Habitual late comers may be send home.

14. Text books, Note books, and other learning materials must be kept in proper conditions and brought to school as per the time table and requirement.

15. Students found inside the class room not in the proper uniform, shabbily dressed or having unkempt hair will be sent out of the class.

16. Students must not leave the school campus during working hours without the permission of the principal.

17. During the short interval between two periods discipline must be maintained in the class room. The class leaders are held responsible for the discipline and the tidiness of their respective classes.

18. Habitual want of absence, indulge in unhealthy habits and offensive behaviour demand solemn corrective measures.

19. Ishaath School aims at highest level of personal and social discipline.

20. Mobile phone is strictly prohibited in the school premises.

21. The students must not bring jewellery or valuables to the school. The school is not responsible for the loss of such objects.

22. Students must not bring and circulate magazines periodicals, pamphlets electronic devices of any kind.

23. No damage should be done to the school property. The violation of this will be treated with extreme seriousness.

24. Every student must hold high reputation of the school.

25. No students should be seen loitering about during the class hours.

26. This diary should be brought to the school every day.

27. Students must be descent and self-disciplined in the prayer hall, lab, library and school bus.


Parents /Guardians are expected to be aware of the following rules and regulations.

1. Every parent is a member of PTA. They should ensure their presence in the meetings conducted by the school.

2. They should see that their wards respect the rules regarding uniform, attendance etc.

3. They should take care of the study habits, execution of home assignments etc. of their wards.

4. Outing, tours, visits to relatives etc. on working days should be avoided.

5. They should ensure that their wards do not absent themselves from any test/exam, but regular in the class.

6. They should ensure that leave letters of their wards are sent in time.

7. Parents or their representatives must not contact their wards during school hours without the permission of the principal.

8. School transport will be available on the routes determined by the school authorities. Routes may be changed to suit operational convenience. The school takes no responsibility whatsoever for any delay, accident etc. those who prefer school transports may do so at their own risk.

9. Parents should be present on the Open house / Class PTAs in frequent intervals and other meeting and sign the achievement record of their wards.

10. All messages communicated by the teachers should be promptly responded.

11. Communication regarding their wards any should be written in the school diary and signed. The wards are to be insisted for inform the teacher concerned and get his /her signature Change of address if any must be intimated promptly.

12. Parents should cooperate with the school authorities for the improvement of the children.

13. Any suggestion for the betterment of the children are welcome student and parents can make use of the suggestion box.

14. Parent should see that all dues are cleared before the students admitted to terminal and final examinations.

15. Parents should see that their ward who wants to make use of the canteen facility buy the coupons in advance from the office.

16. All parent should attend the concerned P.T.A. meeting as scheduled in the diary.

17. Hostel students should be accompanied by the guardians to and from the school.